Car Ownership 101: The Basics
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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

Why It Is Important To Have Your Car Checked After Any Collision

Salvador Flores

If you have been involved in an accident with your vehicle, you should take the car to an auto collision repair shop and have the vehicle inspected for damage. Many times a minor collision can cause damage to the vehicle that is not apparent at first glance, so it is critical that everything gets checked to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive.

Hidden Damage

In many cases, a car that has been involved in a collision may have damage underneath it that is not easily seen without a complete inspection of the car. Most auto collision repair shops will inspect the vehicle for you and give you a written estimate of the cost to repair any damage. 

If the car has some damage that you can see, take the car to the shop and have them check it over for you. Even a low-speed collision can bend or break suspension brackets, damage steering parts, or bend the frame on modern uniframe cars.

If the technician suspects frame damage, they can measure the car on the frame rack and determine whether the vehicle is still square and true or if there is an issue that you need to address. A frame that is bent even slightly will cause premature wear on other parts of the car and could even cause the handling to be off enough that driving the vehicle at highway speeds could be dangerous.

Insurance And Repairs

If you take your car to an auto collision repair shop for an estimate, make sure to request an itemized list of the repairs needed so you can submit it to your insurance company for approval. The insurance company may have questions about the damage to the car. Still, if the shop lists everything they found wrong, it is often easier for the adjuster to look at it and determine if it is damage that your insurance will cover. 

The insurance company and the repair shop may need to discuss the repairs, but most collision repair shops are familiar with the process. They can help facilitate the process so that the work can get done more quickly and you can get back on the road. 

Some larger shops will talk to the insurance company directly, and you may not even need to get involved other than to give a statement to your insurance company. This intervention can be beneficial, especially if you have never been through the process before. Many of these auto collision repair shops have staff dedicated to working with insurance claims for clients to make getting your car fixed easier and to ensure the repair shop gets paid for its work.