Car Ownership 101: The Basics
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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

Should You Consider Purchasing Lift Kits For Your Work Trucks?

Salvador Flores

When it comes to aftermarket truck equipment, few items are as common as the lift kit. Truck owners purchase these upgrades for a variety of reasons, from pure aesthetics to improved off-road performance. Increasing the ride height of a personal vehicle makes sense, but should you consider installing these upgrades on a work vehicle?

Although there are rarely one-size-fits-all solutions for any business, lift kits can make sense for commercial applications. Keep reading to discover why you may want to consider one of these upgrades for the trucks in your fleet.

Practical Benefits of Lifting Your Suspension

Aesthetics aside, lifting a vehicle's suspension offers several practical advantages. The two most significant benefits come from increased ground clearance and the ability to install larger tires. Bigger tires, in turn, can offer better traction on rough road surfaces or inclement conditions. Increasing your truck's tire size can provide a further increase in ground clearance, as well.

Another often-overlooked advantage is the ease of servicing a lifted vehicle. Although most trucks' stock ride heights can provide adequate ground clearance, it may be challenging to work from below without using a jack or shop lift. Adding just a few inches of lift can make simple maintenance tasks much more comfortable, which can be a significant advantage if you service your fleet yourself.

Will Lift Kits Benefit Your Business?

While lifting a truck can provide many benefits, it doesn't make sense to perform upgrades on your fleet unless they will directly benefit your business. Deciding whether to lift your work trucks doesn't need to be a difficult decision, however. In general, you should ask yourself these questions about how your truck or trucks typically operate:

  • Do you routinely operate off-road or on dirt or gravel job sites?
  • Do you need to drive in snowy weather or muddy conditions?

Lifted suspensions truly shine when operating off-road. If you need to drive to remote job sites or work in locations without finished roads, then lifting your fleet can make life much easier on your drivers. Improved ground clearance reduces the likelihood of damage from low debris and increases your trucks' ability to clear obstacles without issue.

Having the clearance needed to install larger tires can also improve your vehicles' handling in challenging weather, such as unplowed and snow-covered roads. The extra height will allow you to install dedicated off-road tires that can make short work of the worst conditions, ensuring that your drivers don't find themselves stuck in a difficult situation.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers truck equipment and parts.