Car Ownership 101: The Basics
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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

Saving Money With Semi-Trailer Leasing

Salvador Flores

Semi-trailer leasing is a common way to get the equipment you need in the transportation industry, and some benefits can be very appealing for small companies. If you own a truck but not a trailer, semi-trailer leasing can offer some flexibility that you might not otherwise have and open up opportunities for your company as you grow.

Trailer Management

When you own multiple trailers, managing the repairs and maintenance can take a lot of time when you are not on the road. That time takes away from time with your family or other things you need to do when you have some time between loads. 

Semi-trailer leasing can help reduce the management issues because you can choose to have just one trailer on the truck and change it when you need a different one. The leasing company can take care of the maintenance when the trailer comes back to them, and you don't have to try to remember when the last time the trailer had service was. 

Some companies with several trucks and multiple trailers will negotiate the maintenance of the trailers with the semi-trailer leasing company so they don't have to do it. Talk to the company you are leasing through and see what they can offer for maintenance and service on your leased trailers. 

Depreciation of New Trailers

When you buy a trailer, the price you pay for the trailer is often not something you can recover. No matter how well you maintain the trailer, it will always be a used trailer once you buy it, and it is going to depreciate fast. 

Semi-trailer leasing means you do not have to take the hit when the trailer value drops because you do not own the trailer. You pay your lease each month, and the trailer leasing company takes care of replacement costs when the trailer gets old enough that it needs replacing. 

Trailer Repairs

As the trailers you are leasing start to age, the repairs can become more substantial and cost more to do. Semi-trailer leasing companies have large maintenance divisions to deal with the repairs on their trailers. In many cases, they will contract with repair facilities around the country and on major trucking routes to offer service to drivers pulling their trailers. 

Working with a large leasing company could mean the difference between a trailer that is broken down on the road and having one that is in the shop getting the repairs done right away so that you can get back to work. 

Since these shops are working for the leasing company, often you will not need to pay for anything once the repairs are complete, but make sure you check with the lease company to make sure you are using a shop they work with before the repairs start. 

Reach out to a professional who provides semi-trailer leasing to learn more.