Car Ownership 101: The Basics
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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

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Car Ownership 101: The Basics

4 Ways To Protect Your Windshield

Salvador Flores

If you want to get as many years as possible out of your windshield, there are steps you can take to keep it in good shape.

Step #1: Give the Car in Front of You Plenty of Space

When you drive, give the car in front of you some space. Do not follow closely behind the vehicle in front of you. When you get too close to other vehicles, you increase the chance that road debris, such as small rocks, will fling up and hit your windshield. This is especially true when there is salt on the roads when it is icy and snowy outside.

Step #2: Take Care of Your Wipers

Second, you need to take care of your wiper blades. After repeated use, your wiper blades can become both dirty and blunt. Just wipe them off with a rag that is soaked in windshield washer fluid. This will help keep the blades clean and prevent them from scratching up your windshield.

When a snow or ice storm is on the way, don't raise the blades up. If you do this, and the blades fall with force, they could damage your windshield. Just give your car enough time to warm up before starting it.

Be sure to change your windshield wipers at least twice a year to keep them from damaging your windshield.

Step #3: Be Gentle with Ice Scrapers

You can easily damage your windshield if you are too aggressive with your ice scraper. You should start your car and warm it up, and then use the ice scraper to remove snow and ice from the glass. Don't hit your windshield with the scraper or get too aggressive with it.

Step #4: Get Damage Fixed Right Away

When your windshield does get scratched, don't wait to get it fixed. If you wait too long to get the damage fixed, a small crack or ding can easily spread out. If you take care of a small crack right away, you will only have to get your windshield repaired instead of replaced. If the crack gets too big, you are going to have to replace your windshield. Driving around with a damaged windshield can cause you to get a ticket and interfere with your ability to drive safely.

When it comes to taking care of your windshield, keep your wiper blades clean, be gentle with the ice scraper, and don't follow too closely to other drivers. Those actions can save your glass from getting damaged. When your glass does get damaged, get it fixed right away by a professional auto glass repair and replacement shop.

For more information about auto glass repair, contact a local auto shop.